Saturday, June 10, 2006


Only TWO days left to go and we are all weighing and packing - and weighing and packing - and repacking......repacking.....packing.......

The backpack gremlin has visited us all and whispered: You should take that extra shirt - you might need it.
Why not take those thermal pants - it might be cold.
Why don't you take a sarong - it doesn't weigh anything.
And so on, and so on!
If we are not strong we could end up like this!

A Happy Farewell: Marion's Mom, Eileen, Ann, Marion, Sil and son Greg

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Temperatures for Switzerland and Italy are high:

Geneva: Wednesday 11oC - 28oC
Vevey: Thursday 15oC and 28oC (Partly sunny)
Aigle: Friday 16oC and 27oC (Clouds and Sun)
Martigny: Saturday 15oC 27oC (Partly Cloudy)
Gr St Bernard: Monday 9oC and 27oC
Aosta: Tuesday 15oC - 28oC
Ivrea: Fri 23rd - 11oC and 23oC
Lucca: Tues 27th - 18oC and 31oC
Sienna: 18oC and 30oC

Only TWO more sleeps!!


Anonymous said...

Hope we don't look like that!!!!
Daffy (Marion)

Anonymous said...

Hello Girls!
Thinking of you all and hoping you all have a fantastic time. Look after my little Val for me. Carole

linda markram said...

Hi Val

Where are you walking tomorrow - Sunday 25 June? We can possibly meet you if you give us a cell to sms or between which towns.

Sorry they turned the heat on for you - at least everyone will be jealous of the "Italian" tan afterwards!

Linda and Mark Markram
cell +39 348 398 1236

Kgomotso Legari said...

Hi Kathy,
All the best to you and the group. The Almighty is with you all the way...Kgomotso Legari.
+2783 4390 405