Thursday, December 24, 2009

Walking the Via Francigena backwards!

Read Paolo's blog as he walks from his home near Rome to his girlfriend at Cambridge along the Via Francigena.  He even has an upside down photo of the route as his blog header!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Via Francigena pdf. free downloads

Google is doing some amazing stuff!
An alert landed in my gmail today with a link to this website where you can download dozens of pdf. files - brochures, articles and even a few books - on the Via Francigena.  There are 8 pages fo downloads, each with about 8 pdf. files.

And then there are the Power Point downloads on the same website (about 20 files - some are organisationa presentations)

And, about 64 documents -

Francesco cares for pilgrims in Pavia

I had a email from Francesco Grosso who says that she cares for The Way and for the pilgrims in Nicorvo province of Pavia.  So, if you are walking that way, do contact her.


abito sulla via francigena a Nicorvo provincia di Pavia e come volontaria mi occupo della Via e dei pellegrini.
ti invio alcune foto da inserire sul sito.
se vuoi dare info su di me a futuri pellegrini,
grazie !!
Francesca Grosso
uff. 0321/668526
fax 0321/668536
mobile 313/8083303

for info on the hospitality and / or other tract Robbi-Nicorvo please contact me at this email address or cell numbers below.

Francesca Grosso

Via Roma 16
27020th Nicorvo (PV)
Tel 0384 524024 Cell 338 3785706
No.: 0321 668526 Cell 313 8083303

fra.grosso @
uk.focalpoint @