Saturday, October 07, 2006


We had the most wonderful afternoon with over 50 people turning up to watch the Powerpoint Presentation of our walk to Rome. Val provided the venue and arranged for a large screen, digital projector and fabulous sound system. Martin (thank you Martin and Wakefields) sponsored all the refreshments - which Val prepared. Delicious Italian and Meditteranean hot and cold snacks and desserts - YUMMY!!
Val was the sound 'technician' and I was the 'director' and we put on an hour long show of slides, some with animation and every one with a sound clip. We had music clips with classical to hard rock, choirs and soft jazz; sounds of cow bells, waterfalls, rivers, the wind at the Gr St Bernard Pass, bird song, goats bleating, thunder and more. (Watch out Spielberg!!)
The 'BLOOPERS' - consisting of photos we weren't going to show and Val and Rayna's unplanned video clips - were a hoot and a great way to finished it off. We got huge applause from our appreciative audience!
At the end of the presentation my VF Pilgrim friends presented me (Sil) with a gold Vatican Keys pendant which Rayna arranged to have made at a local jewellers. I am sure that it is one-of-a-kind in this country and I will cherish it always.
Val also presented the Designer Boys - Delano and Jacques - with a certificate from Homenet in appreciation of their help with our BLOG whilst we were walking the Million Steps Challenge.
We had a basketfull of little JR (Jack Russell) toy puppies. Thanks to everybody who bought or sponsored a puppy - 45 were bought outright and others were sponsored - so a lot of sick children in hospital will get a puppy at Christmas - and over R1 000 was raised. (There are many more so if anyone would like one, please contact your nearest Homenet Office.)
Thanks to everyone who came - it was great sharing our pilgrimage with you.
Val, Syl, Marion, Kathy and Rayna.