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The importance of hospitality
The House of the Slow Movement from 8 to April 10 will host the second course “Hospitallers for volunteers”. In addition, we included in our maps interactive workplaces for hospitality "poor."
Signs and accommodation are the main weaknesses of the Via Francigena, and as usual the slow movement seeking to help measures to improve the situation. By partnering with Ad Limina Petri, the Association of the Church dealing with the Catholic Via Francigena, the census of structures host
Carried out by the CEI in the last year has been included in the database geographic site
This will allow pilgrims to see on our interactive map nearly 150 places of accommodation "poor", including many parishes that have not yet appeared in the lists currently available.

Hospitaleros VoluntariosAlso, after the success of the course for volunteers is Hospitaller held in Monteriggioni in 2010, this year we decided to repeat the wonderful experience at the newly formed House of the Slow Movement, which will host a free course devoted to volunteers wishing to operate a hostel on the Camino de Santiago and Via Francigena.
The course will also be a time of celebration and meeting of the Hospitaller Spanish and Italian communities living along the Via Francigena Piedmont. Probably we will organize a second course in Tuscany. I will confirm as soon as possible.  If you are interested in attending the course please contact us in the next newsletter will give you the details ull'iniziativa.
Alberto Conte

World Day of Slowness - "Ambitious and altruistic"
The art of living with slow non-profit organization presents the Fifth Day of the World Slow to reflect on the damage of economic, environmental and social live at breakneck speed. The event will be celebrated in Italy and around the world February 28, 2011 and we are all invited to participate in our cities, with friends, colleagues or family creating our small but great event.
Go slow, be happy!

Also in Liguria bike for free on local trains
The agreement between Regione Liguria and Trenitalia has been officially officially confirmed and another example of the concreteness dissemination of sustainable mobility. The entire list of trains identified can be viewed and downloaded from the website of the Liguria Region.
For advice on how to place the bike on trains can be downloaded from the site Fiab driving "Train + bike".

National Day of the Railways Forget - "A window on the landscape "
Preparations for the Fifth National Day of the Railways Forget, in program March 6, 2011, proceed with great enthusiasm. On the website 24 events already present. The sponsors of the Alpine Pearls Association committed to the promotion of sustainable tourism, invites you to attend the photo competition "A window on the landscape, and win a weekend with accommodation and tours of soft mobility.>

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Appointments - Lenses
"WORDS ON THE WAY: Travelling tell, tells the journey
From Friday 11 to Sunday, February 13, at the home of the Slow Movement, actor John Balzaretti reveal the secrets of the story. Watch the video that introduces the course and its contents.
The "Appointments lenses" are a series of seminars and residential courses have in common the journey on foot and by bicycle.
Photography, use of GPS, storytelling, painting, walking deep, and a seminar for aspiring travelers on foot are some of the topics will be treated between February and March.
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"Pilgrim becomes" Carla De Bernardi
And that's how I came July 31 in Rome with fellow pilgrims from Triumphal Way, which has nothing triumphant. It was almost one o'clock and we were hungry. The Roman road from the capital had Campagnano through forests and golden fields ...

"Around the corner, hit by the sun", by Claudio Jaccarino
Don Milan from the overpass can I watch long brush-strokes of green Canal flowing or the row of old chimneys and signs pubbliciarie that dot the rooftops ...

"The Rio Bovina, according to the goats," Richard Carnovalini
From large rivers in a small stream below the house with a leap of twenty years. Paths are not always sought and desired. Sometimes you live in the country and to choose an animal to breed more that there are naughty ...
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Dunes to salt lake of Sidi Naji - 6 to 13 March 2011
A fascinating trek over the dunes that surround the Great Depression clay that is named after the marabout buried one of its banks. A journey through the ancient beliefs and traditions Sahrawi. Stories to listen to crouch around the campfire, after a day's walk, enjoying a strong green tea, a fragrant "pain de sable "and the delicious dates of this land.
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Traveling slowly along the ancient roads
Year on record ViaFrancigena
Already passed the first pilgrim in 2010 were 210. Are you a good morning starts in the morning, the new year promises to be a record: come on 4 January 2011 of the first pilgrim to the host via Francigena Benedictine grange in Orio Litta.

The CamminAttori visit the extraordinary artistic laboratory of Mark Guglielmi, Viterbo>

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