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The President Massimo Tedeschi AEVF awarded honorary citizenship of Canterbury. The event was held at the presentation of the twelfth edition of the journal ViaFrancigena

On the route:
Although not located along the official route, we note that the bridge over the Po in San Rocco al Porto (Lodi) is broken. For Orio Litta (Lodi) pilgrims in St. Andrew's Court to direct bicycle do not have access embankment.
Coming to Bicester, the ford of the river Stirone is no longer passable, but you can use the road bridge Sigerico and, pending the new official surveys, indicate an alternative route to cross the river and rejoin the path Stirone ministry. After the village of Bastelli, turn left and go straight for about 1,200 m, then turn immediately right towards Bicester, on a bridge in excess of the A1. After about 1,500 meters, turn left and walk along the bridge Sigerico. We descend, turn right towards compulsory and pass under the bypass and then get behind the cemetery and find the location of Bicester ministry. In an annex to the photo and the map shows in red the alternative route that is temporarily advised to follow.

The section of trail that leads to the Pieve di San Miniato Coiano Castelfiorentino is interrupted for landslide and also precluded the pedestrians. Due to reports of a pilgrim, we suggest an alternative route: via the intersection of Mellicciano, because of Poggiarella Meleto and so, due to take Meleto, to our left. From here you reach a paved country road, where you must go right, towards the local customs and then to Castelfiorentino. Before entering the country, at the roundabout, continue for Gambassi Terme and from there take the Via Francigena.

About the French section of the Via Francigena may be required to the Association des Pèlerins de Compostella et de Rome, to the email address ass-pè

You can download the GPS tracks of the section that crosses the French Champagne-Ardenne on the following link:

A variation on the section from Fidenza to Bastelli

Accommodation Guide updated on 3 December 2010-12-20

14 and 15 January 2011 Novoli (LE) :  ViaFrancigena. Journey of faith and cultural tourism
"Via Francigena. Journey of faith and cultural tourism "is the title of the workshop offering the Department of Heritage, Arts and History at the University of Salento, the City of Novoli Association Vie Francigena Pugliese. The aim is to promote a project whose purpose is to recover the ancient historical role of an ancient path of a religious nature, which represents an important opportunity for knowledge of the area.  Will be involved in the agro-food and local crafts, there are a panel discussion on the possibility of enjoying ViaFrancigena and a guided walk along the stretch of the Adriatic ViaFrancigena Salento.

Download the application form.
Fees for requests from abroad
A credential: € 7.05 - 11 x 23 cm bag
2 or 3 credentials: € 7.65 - 11 x 23 cm bag
up to 8 Credentials: € 9.15 - 23 x 33 cm bag
up to 10 credentials: € 10.15 - 23 cm x 33 envelope
more than 10 credentials: € 13.65 - 23 x 33 envelope or larger
Post it to Piazza Duomo, 16-43036 Bicester (Pr) a letter containing the request form, duly completed, including a pre-paid envelope with a quantity of stamps corresponding to 5.35 €. This amount, in fact, it is necessary to cover the shipping cost A / R (+ registered return receipt) for a credential

Other organizations distribute their credentials: Theubilantes, Brotherhood of Romei, ViaFrancigena Association, Confraternity of St James of Compostela, Eurovia, Ad Limina Petri.
In France, the credentials can be requested to the Association des Pèlerins de Compostella et de Rome: ass-pè

The Magazine Via Francigena
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The Way of Art now on line
Art is now a constant presence in our walk, so we decided to dedicate a website to CamminArtisti and CamminAttori.
The project began through the work of Blessed herbicides, the communicator of our environmental journey Ge-Mi-To through the industrial triangle, and the financing of Farework, a project of the Province of Milan, which was intended to accompany the artistic talents in via entrepreneurship.
Benedict played the key work in media, publishing on the site videos that tell the artistic realities encountered during our trip, as well as photographs, music, paintings, travel notebooks of artists that we accompanied it.
This is just the start again next year we will organize "travel artist", as we believe that the arts can be a powerful vehicle to communicate the beauty of a slow journey. The site will be enhanced, also expect your contributions!
Alberto Conte

Seminar on the integration of data paths Bicitalia
Saturday, December 11 the tale at its headquarters in Milan offers a training meeting in view of the mapping of over 16,000 km of paths Bicitalia. We discuss techniques for data entry. Participation, Fiab reserved for members is free but places limited. Reservations are recommended.

Way and art along "paths of Monet Bordighera
On the occasion of the exhibition "Mediterranean from Courbet to Monet to Matisse" (Palazzo Ducale, Genoa), the Coop Liguria Roads to Discover invites us all to Bordighera, to participate in a series of guided walks. Every Saturday will be organized between escurisioni landscapes, exotic gardens, and forests that are illuminated by the intense Mediterranean light inspired many artists and painters during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Gianluca Bonazzi presents his travel diary in San Benigno Canavese

L 'Association Smile, sponsored by the City of San Benigno Canavese organized a series of "Meet the Author" and Friday, December 17, at 21:00, at the Library "Pierre Octave Fasani, Gianluca Bonazzi will talk about his travel diary born after the trip-event that brought him groan to walk along three sides of the industrial triangle Genoa-Milan-Turin.

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The blog
Stop the killing!, Alberto Conte
Once again it comes to the safety of cyclists and users 'weak' of the road just after a serious car accident. Seven deaths together is an enormous, as they were three years ago, the seven deaths on the work of Thyssen ...

Pellegrini becomes, Carla de Bernardi
On foot? These are crazy, it was my first thought. And then? On July 31? A month of walking? Come on ... On second thought was .... But I went with them. And so one morning I left the house ...

Winter in the Celtic huts Apennines, Gianfranco Bracci
After leaving behind the beautiful refuge of the Celtic huts, am going to walk alone, "the costume and I" (me and my jacket), as they said when they wanted to emphasize the old Tuscan to be his alone ...

Proposal for a co-housing on the Frankish Road of Courage Immaculate
We would like to create a co-housing/eco village along a path (preferably along the Via Francigena Lake Bolsena) which converge in the satisfaction of various needs / desideri.Ci seems important that arise along the way ...

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Traveling slowly along the ancient roads

Discovering Via Francigena - second meeting of pilgrims Aulla
In the marvelous Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, Saturday 11 and Sunday, December 12 will be held the second in a series of meetings among the pilgrims. A meeting for all lovers of the "way" to know, "walk" and discuss the problems and opportunities for intervention on the route of the Via Francigena.

Monteriggioni - new project of "poor reception" for the pilgrims
The municipality of Monteriggioni decided to create a new hostel in the service of pilgrims. A small guest house "low-cost" (8 / 10 beds) inspired by the ancient hospitable, allowing for modern pilgrims to stay overnight in comfort at low cost, simply by showing the credentials of the sections covered.

Interview with Renato Trap, a great lover of ViaFrancigena
Between Bolsena and Montefiascone the ViaFrancigena flows between olive groves and patches of woodland, with a path of ups and downs and stunning views of the lake, which covers some features in basalt of the ancient Via Cassia. Upon arrival we met Renato Trap, a great lover of Via Cassia, tells us his views on the current path and the qualities that in his opinion less considered are the value added of the Central European pilgrimage.

Watch the video and download the road book of the stage
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A couple set off from Canterbury on 2 August and arrived in Rome on 3 November.
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