Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The twelve Stages of Pilgrimage:

In the book SACRED JOURNEYS the author has broken her chapters into TWELVE stages of pilgrimage.
Longing - Getting Ready - Setting Out - Sacred Way - Adventures and difficulties - Midway: Going on or turning back - Doubt and Hope - Drawing near: anticiaption - Arrival: excitement and preparation - Climax: encounter with the unknown - Reflection and Redirection: and Coming Home.

We have been through stages one and two and are now at Stage Three - Setting Out.

This is the stage where, ".. the pilgrim must shed his or her security blanket, the web of everyday concerns and people that makes us feel safe and competent and on familar ground."

So, we will leave behind all that is familiar and safe. We will be 'homeless' for 30 days. We are ready for the lessons that such a journey can teach us and we hope that our journey will reap rewards for the needy.
We will carry with us the words of a 9th-Century Irish text (sent to us by Peter Robins, a fellow pilgrim):

"Pilgrim, take care your journey's not in vain,
A hazard without profit, without gain;
The king you seek you'll find in Rome, it's true,
But only if he travels on the way with you."



Anonymous said...

Good luck ladies! Look after each other - have a wonderful time - hope the weather is good - look out for big trucks - Stay off the main roads - looking forward to reading about your journey.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck to the walking 5 hope you have a good journey and the walk goes well will be thinking of you.
Love from
Errol and Gaynor

Anonymous said...

To the Fabulous Five.
Like so many other Friends Of the Via I will be following your adventure with much interest.It is such a unique experience that you will quickly forget the few lows and fully remember all the highs.
I was in Tuscany about this time last year on the way to Rome and you are helping me relivw those days.

With very best wishes

Edward Gordon

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls

It as great to meet you all today. Daffy has spoken about all of you, now I can put a face to all your names. Good luck on Friday. We are thinking of you all.
Kim, Greg, Joshua and David

Fiorita on the road said...

Dear Famous Francigena Five,

We wish you a stunning time, may all your travel fanatasies become reality, may you have sunshine, great friendship and happy feet. May you find many internet cafes on the way so that your daily blogs are no slog. May your souls expand with the experience! Thinking of you as we plod to the end of our journey,

Fiorenza and Marita