Friday, June 02, 2006


How will the VF five find their way from Switzerland to Rome?
There are no guidebooks in English and only parts of the route have way markings for pilgrims to follow. They have got a set of maps from the Via Francigena Association. They have also downloaded 183 maps from the Associazione Via Francigena (yes, there are two groups issuing maps for the walk across Italy) and they bought an Italian Guide Book. They have also translated 26 pages of directions which – using Google and Babelfish translations – have ended up like a set of Cryptic Clues!

From Rue de Mont Velan we turn right downhill, we cross the river and there, in order to take Via Saint Roch on the left, alongside the cemetery on a road, and after a short climb we arrive in line with of be them, than alongside covering a section dismesso. It leads you to a group of houses, alongside the stable on the right in order then to resume the Rus, and to begin a Very beautiful path forwards in the forest. When the path becomes suitable for vehicles, at the first crossroad we take the left downhill, following the yellow bubbles, coming out on a road and continue to climb on the right, and after a short way we take on the left downhill. The section that follows is a delicious falsopiano in the forest, beside the Rus is concluded at a crossing with a Tarred road, where we take a right in order to abandon it for the road on the left.

Huh? ‘dismesso’ ‘yellow bubbles’ ‘falsopiano’?? Non capisco. Non capiamo.
HELP - any Italians out there??

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daffy said...

With all the work that Syl has put in we are sure to find our way.