Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Coming soon: A MILLION STEPS for a worthy cause

The VF Five will be walking to Rome - with a purpose - to raise at least R50 000 for Children's Charities through HOMENET

A million steps trivia:
Each pilgrim will walk ± 700kms (getting there, walking, hiking, sightseeing, getting lost!)
The girls each have an average step length of 75cm. Multiply this by 700kms and they will each take ± 933,333 steps on their way to Rome - almost 1 MILLION steps each or 5m steps altogether!



h said...

Wishing you much strength, joy, inspiration and meaning as you embark on this journey.

Be checking in regularly from Canada to see how you are doing!

Helen and family

Kathy Crause said...

Hi Val and Girls

Absolutely awesome what you are doing - so envious. Have lots of fun and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Linda markram said...

Hi Val and friends

Hope it has cooled down a bit for your walk today?! Still hoping to catch you tomorrow if you tell us generally where you are! If you have a GPS even better! Anyway - either email or sms me if you can and we will drive out
Linda and Mark Markram +393483981236

Anonymous said...

Hi girls,
I stopped on my walk this morning at sunrise to spare a thought for you and give you strength for the rest of the walk. I am keeping tabs on you and look forward to the daily updates. Much love to Marion from Dinah and rest of Silvermine hiking group.
Our mouths are watering from Val!s cullinary expedition reports.
Much love Terry.