Saturday, June 17, 2006

SATURDAY, JUNE 17: DAY TWO - On the road - Into the mountaains.

The box was waiting for us when we got back from walking along the lake. Once we had sorted it out we had a very nice meal at a llittle street cafe.Good sleep, breakfast of bread and coffee and then after a group photo outside the B&B we started on our Groot Trek to Rome!. Wonderful walk along the lake to Montreux . On the way we passed through Clarens and briefly visited “Villa Kruger” the house that was built for Paul Kruger in 1874 when he went into exile and where he died in 1904. The house is now a boutique hotel but the owner allowd us to enter the garden and stand outside the house to take photographs underneath the old Boer Republic flags that still hang from the wall. We also took photos next to statue of Freddie Mercury in Montreux - then onto Aigle.. BEAUTIFUL B&B in a wine growers house - next to a vineyard. Some of us drank their Co-op wine. Made our own diinner of salad and cheese. Up at 6 this morning. Delicious breakfast and then walked to the river Rhone and have been walking alongside the river all morning. We are now in St Maurice - using a coin internet machine with a terrible keyboard. It is hot and cloudy. We saw our first VF sign just outside St Maurice. We have still got another 15km to go and we will sleep in a camping site dorm tonight. We are all strong and still overwhelemed by the scenery. Getting deeper and deeper into the mountains.


Anonymous said...

To the VF Five

Hope that you all have a good rest tonight. Joshua and David send all their love. They are tracking you daily on the map. We hope that you are all taking losts of pics.Val, thank you for all you SMSing.
Love you Bunny
Greg, Kim, Joshua and David

Thor said...

Hi to the intrepid 5. A special hello to Kathy(all is fine at your home). Wish you all strength as you start the ascent of the Alps.Love All.

oasiskydds said...

Hi Buns and the VF 5,
Wow, what a fantastic start to a great experience. The weather is starting to cool down a little after the last week of very warm weather in the UK and this evening we had a beautiful sunset. The evenings are now staring to draw out and the sea temperature slowly rising.
What time does the sun rise and set?
We are enjoying tracking you and reading all the comments from the others, so hi to Kim, Greg, David and Josh.
Have a good day tomorrow.
MCTJM xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi you lot!

Sounds so amazing. Still green with envy! Keeping us up to keeps us hungry for news!

Kathy/Rayna need to log figures as you go so pop them on for me!

That extra weight you feel in your packs is my envy you took along.

Lots of love from a Hot Durban.

Anonymous said...

Hello How is things going there.

Anonymous said...

How are the famous 5 doing. You must feel on top of the world today (if not, remember that you are high up there).
Hi to the Oasiskydds as well. Nice to see that you are also tracking the girls boet!
Love from us all

Greg, Kim, Josh and David