Sunday, March 15, 2009

From Little Green Tracs:

The complete 2009 LightFoot Guide to the Via Francigena consists of three books:

Vol. One Canterbury to Besançon ISBN:978-2-917183-06-9

Vol. Two Besançon to Vercelli ISBN:978-2-917183-07-6

Vol. Three Vercelli to Rome ISBN 978-2-917183-03-8

The decision to divide the Italian section over two books (as opposed to the single 2008 edition) has been taken for the following reasons:

  • In this 2009 edition the authors have exclusively adopted the official route, as approved and signed by the Italian Minister of Culture, where there is clear advantage for all groups (hikers, bikers and horse-riders). But where the official route is too challenging for one or more group, alternatives are offered. This density of information has increased the number of instruction sheets provided for certain sections and makes a single book large and unwieldy for travelling pilgrims.
  • The authors have taken into account the increasing number of pilgrims choosing to return from Santiago de Compostela and proceed onto Rome, via Arles. This route crosses the Italian border at Montgenèvre and ultimately joins the Via Francigena in Vercelli.
  • The authors have divided the books on the basis of evidence gathered with regard to the most popular starting points along the via Francigena.

The entire distance is divided into manageable sections of approximately 25 km. In most cases this distance amounts to a comfortable walk for the majority of people, though of course it will also depend on the terrain. For the cyclist, 2, 3 or maybe even 4 stages will represent a day's travel, while for the horse rider a great deal will depend on fitness and the route itself, but accommodation is listed along the length of the route and it is entirely up to you and your body where you decide to stop.

Information provided in each section

Instruction sheet/s comprising:

1. Detailed directions corresponding to GPS way point numbers on the maps

2. Distance (in metres) between each way point

3. Verification Point - additional verification of current position

4. Compass direction

Maps comprising:

1. A visual representation of the route with way point numbers and adjacent details

2. Altitude Profile for the section

3. Icons indicating places to stay, monuments etc

4. Relevant signs to look out for along the route

5. Map reference number/s for the section

LightFoot guides to the via Francigena can be bought from some bookshops , either on order or directly off the shelf. To see where our books are currently stocked go to the Retailers page

To make an advance purchase online click on the link below. Note: expect up to 28 days delivery time after publication date - 01 March 2009

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