Monday, March 02, 2009


Message from Paul and Babette of Lightfoot Guides to the VF Yahoo Group:

This brief message is to let you know that we have just completed a major revision to the guides to include the "official via Francigena route" as defined by the Italian Ministry of Culture, additional route options and route changes in northern France and adoption of parts of SwissMobility route 70 in Switzerland.
We have also included revised accommodation data based on feed back from pilgrims travelling in 2008.
Additionally we have made format changes in line with comments from a number of members of this group. The changes include enlarged maps and altitude profiles; more Way Point locations on each map; more route options; cumulative distance measures; additional altitude data and deletion of our personal blog.
Unfortunately these changes have driven up the "official" distance to 2076 kilometres and the overall page count in the books. As a result we have restructured the books into 3 volumes: Canterbury to Besançon (196 pages), Besançon to Vercelli (160 pages) and Verçelli to Rome (240 pages).
We have deleted the prior guide from our site and are in the final stages of submitting the new (Edition 2) guides to our printers and expect it to be ready to be shipped by the end of March.
The 2008 edition is in the process of being deleted from the lists of Amazon and its partners.

We would like to thank everyone for their constructive input.
For those that have purchased the 2008 guide from our site or registered with us we will be distributing instructions on how to obtain the updates by Email and offering a reduced price printed and bound version of the appropriate volumes of Edition 2. For any others who have purchased the guides through other channels then again if they register with us we will provide the same service.
Paul and Babette

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