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Extracts from the Newsletter of the Movimentolento

The Slow Movement - Newsletter n.47

Newsletter for those traveling without haste on foot and by bicycle



Useful information for modern pilgrims traveling slowly between
Camino de Santiago and the Via Francigena.

In the Middle Ages, Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem were the three major pilgrimage
destinations in Europe.
Today you can repeat the experience of past travelers, and walk
between Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem, along the ancient routes.
The paths of the
Middle Ages are often lost, or have "evolved" into large highways.
In these cases alternative paths safer and more pleasant paths have been established.

We offer our channel dedicated to the Via Francigena

A) a small guide on the web, devoted primarily to modern travelers who do not disdain the use of technology to organize their paths, and that through the use of GPS and interactive maps available on the Web can rediscover old emotions.

The guide will be released in installments, each week. Please read the first two articles



** Basilicata Coast to Coast: GPS tracks online

Richard Carnovalini revisited version of "hiking" path the caravan of the film Basilicata Coast to Coast, are available GPS tracks of his way, for anyone who wants to discover an area
wonderful southern Italian.


The itineraries

From St. Peter's to the old

This spectacular route, walking and cycling, connects some of the most beautiful and famous in the world: Piazza S. Peter the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Appian Way. A crescendo of excitement interval from the discovery of less famous monuments and views.
The route can be completed along the Via Appia, where pedestrians can take bus, or on to Castel Gandolfo

View the presentation of the path
and visit the site dedicated to the Francigena Way South

Travelling slowly along the ancient streets

Via Francigena: The problem of walking into Rome is being resolved

One of the most important problems of the walkway was made access to Rome: in fact the height of the orbital pilgrims were forced to walk for about 800 m on a busy stretch
Triumphal street without sidewalks.
Thanks to teamwork Association Group of Twelve, Nature of Rome, the Municipality of XX Rome and the Lazio Region Department of Culture, it seems that finally is coming to a very interesting solution, which exceed the Ring Road on the Via Cassia, and the attraversarà dell'Insugherata beautiful green area.

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