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Newsletter for travelers of leisurely walking and cycling

Technology , "tells you "the path

Travel continues to be part of this summer's slow movement, after the conclusion of the Franco Way  two very interesting trips are starting: the first group will walk along an unpublished route between Rome and Assisi , while a second will be on the classic cycling routes - the Road to Santiago .

Again follow the daily adventures of travelers who detect the route with GPS, to make it available to Visitors to our site.

If technology fascinates you and you’d like to try the latest in the field of media guides, do not miss a visit to Introd, in Valle d' Aosta. Visiting the interesting ecomuseum Maison Bruil run Fondation Grand Paradis, you can borrow one of the iPhone GPS guides that will guide you to discover five splendid walks to the gate of the Grand Paradiso National Park . Also you can use the iPhone to "read "the landscape thanks to a software "augmented reality " iPhone display , indicating the names of the mountains and villages at which it is pointed .

Géoguide Grand Paradis:

Augmented Reality iPhone:

Travel Diaries

Occitan quits the ring of " Lou Tsamin Francoprovensal "
After about a month's journey through the paths of the Western Alps "Lou Tsamin Francoprovensal " is back in Susa closing his circle -  Piedmont, Savoy , Upper Savoy, Swiss Valais , Valle d' Aosta. A path of 500 kilometers to discover the genius loci of a territory which in centuries has shaped the spirit of Franco culture. Retrace the stages of the great expedition here:

A new route: "The Way of the Angels "
Put on your boots in St. Peter's Square and start the country roads and paths to discover 500 km of Italy 'Child ', see where pilgrims with the backpack has not yet become familiar. From Rome to Assisi along the sites of origins of Christianity. In his diary Mario Fazion will tell us about his steps along a fascinating historical and cultural journey .

The Pilgrimage by bike

Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela by Mountain Bike. Two Tuscan youths with a passion for travel by bike and interest in the ancient pilgrim paths, we raconter with video and photos illustrating their adventure. As usual post tracks GPS route.

Thoughts of pilgrims along the Via Francigena

Continuing the diary Cristina from Canterbury to start July on the way between the hills and vineyards of France, and through her stories makes us live "her" ViaFrancigena . 27 days of travel pages of her diary have been enriched with images and traces: GPS download. Continue to follow the footsteps of Christina  in her long journey.

Other news

Corsica is a pure joy !

A fascinating trek into the wilderness of the Park of Corsica. From August 9 to 20 a route on High Road in Corsica, the famous GR20, with Gianotti accompanying groups of 25 in Corsica years.

Pianotrip - the ecological piano on two wheels
A young French couple (she is 25 years and a pianist, he is 24 years and a photographer) travel Europe with two bikes and an upright piano of 200kg for towing. Their goal? To launch an ecological message through language of universal music.

Lepontika - the great trek in the Alps Lepontine

And, from the top of the first edition of Mottarone Lepontika the great hiking in 19 stages connecting the two most beautiful views of the Alps; Mottarone Rigi south and north .

Ciclopoetica - the magic ride on the banks of the Po

The festival begins on August 2 travelling along the route of the River Po, across Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, combining Cycling and poetry. The meetings and lectures are open to everyone who wishes to participate.

Walking in the legends

Many initiatives among the Dolomites, UNESCO historical, nature trails and guided along the paths of legend. Summer 2010 Dolomites is full of proposals for walkers of all ages.

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The blog

One year of rivers , Richard Carnovalini
After crossing the Apennines my new goal was simple living several months in close contact with Italian rivers that the most interesting ...

Before the summit, Roberta Ferraris
When summer flushed the plains is the only appropriate time to climbing at high altitude. In July, the anticyclone of the Azores with his place you can cross ...

New thoughts travellers, G. Bonazzi
Acrostics, thoughts and reflections on walking investigating so ever trivial relationship between the art of walking and modern society in which we find ourselves ...

The engine begins to slow, Nicola Comazzetto
Begin by telling the blog of the slow movement the "Mythical Northeast" that did not exactly slow imaginary connotations Collective...

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